20 Years Producing & Exporting

Valve Seats, Screw nut, Shaft sleeve, Bushing, O-ring, Plastic Ball, O/V/U Washer...

Plastic Balls


Materials: PTFE, PEEK,PPS, etc.

4.0 mm-120mm

polytetrafluoroethylene retaining ring

polytetrafluoroethylene non-standard gasket

PTFE V-ring


Material: pure PTFE, modified tetrafluoro

PTFE plastic shaft sleeve | sleeve

non-standard parts customization

materials: PTFE, PPS, PEEK, PI, PA6, UPE, POM

self-lubricating plastic shaft sleeve


Material: Teflon, PEEK, PPS, PA6, etc.

Modified PTFE


Materials: glass fiber/graphite/copper powder/barium sulfate/antistatic, etc

leather bowl and other special-shaped parts

material: PTFE, modified PTFE

modified polytetrafluoroethylene nut

PTFE Filter/Filter

polytetrafluoroethylene sealing ring


NC Machining Non-metallic Gasket

outer diameter: maximum 2000mm.

PTFE thin flange gasket

glass fiber, barium sulfate, graphite, antistatic modification, etc.

automation mechanical parts customization

PTFE screw | nut

materials: glass fiber/graphite and other modifications

Engineering Plastics

Materials: PPS,PEEK, PA6, POM/Acetal, UPE, UPE,POK

characteristics: anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, self-lubricating, non-stick, aging resistance

Plates, Rods